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  • Delivery Services of Equipment & Products
  • Fast & Accurate Order Delivery
  • Safety & Consumable Cabinet Restocking
  • Same Day Delivery

We relentlessly provide Special Delivery Requests contact us today for qualifying conditions!

Consumable Cabinets

  • Client Set Restocking Schedules
  • Customized Inventory
  • Worry-Free Stock Counts
  • Fast & Accurate Restocking

We service all inventory needs from Safety Cabinets, Medical Cabinets, and Consumable Cabinets


  • Water, Fuel & Discharge Assemblies
  • Customer Requested Fittings
  • Crimped Fittings available upon request “Pressure Rated”

Need a hose premade with requested ends and ready to us? Let the relentless problem solvers have them ready for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a Flat Rate of $40.00 if the given address is located within 5 miles of either Store Location – Delivery & Pickup.

Outside of the 5 mile flat rate charge we charge $3.50 Per Mile

Example: If your location is 8 miles away one way  8 x 2 = 16 miles total x $3.50 Pickup & Delivery would cost = $56.00
  • Equipment & Retail Products
  • Company in a bind we keep The Relentless Problem Solvers motto strong by offering Special Delivery Requests
  • The only area that we do not have services for is automotive. We do not transport vehicles.
  • 1 to 4″ Black Reinforced Rubber – Water
  • 1 to 4″ Black Reinforced Rubber – Petrol/Fuel
  • 1 to 4″ Clear Suction – Water
  • 1 to 4″ Lay Flat Discharge – Water / Trash
  • 1 to 4″ Orange Spiral
  • 1 to 4″ Green / Black Tiger Flex

Center Punch & Crimping Available

  • Fully custom inventory based on client needs
  • Restocking options available from Weekly – Bi Weekly – Monthly
    “Based on Client Needs”
  • We can and will special order certain products if we do not already carry them.

our expertise

Fast delivery

Need a piece of equipment but can't pick it up?
We will bring it to you, the same day! Delivery is our game and we do not stop with just equipment, we will deliver any requested items from inventory to special delivery requests!

We Are The Relentless Problem Solvers!

Fully Customized Cabinets

Does your company have a safety cabinet or another type of consumable that you restock more than once a week or two?

BX3 Supply offers comprehensive solutions in taking the burden from in house to automatic inventory counts and stocking. You will no longer need to utilize Company Time, Fuel & Labor to fill the items needed on a regular basis.

Complete Hose Assemblies

Water - Fuel - Hydraulic - Center Punch - Crimped Ends
If you are in need of a completed hose, ready for use, BX3 has you covered!